Coming up Soon

Starting a blog itself makes my stomach flutter and my head spin. Once I set up the new look and went around for some nice blogs to re-blog, I grabbed a new notebook from a recent ‘school’s sale’, and wrote down three more posts. They’ll be here closer […]

Back to School Jitters

Originally posted on brooke's brain:
I’m going back to school starting tonight and I’m slightly terrified. I’m enrolled for the “Essentials of Creative Writing” course at Emory University. I mean Emory… that place seems so serious and legit. What am I doing? I haven’t been in college…

The game (poem) 

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#poem #life #insight I was wrong everytime to think about you.? I was wrong to tell the gleeful tales,? to burden you by the laughter we shared, ,to tell “it’s wrong, it’s not the way”.? And I was wrong in every sense. ?…