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Starting a blog itself makes my stomach flutter and my head spin. Once I set up the new look and went around for some nice blogs to re-blog, I grabbed a new notebook from a recent ‘school’s sale’, and wrote down three more posts. They’ll be here closer to the end of the week/ next week. Here’s the titles of the post, though their not a promise.

Trying the TryGuys- A surprise awaiting me

Numbers are people, at least to a Seven year old

Counting Stars Chapters Reloaded

The last one is a fanfiction inside the Glee universe, originally posted at There I only did ten chapters of the story, not being done but still a solid story throughout. I’ll be labeling it as RD, or rough draft, to allow me to re-do it and edit later on.

So what are you waiting for? I’m waiting for the traffic to let out so I can get home. University! D:



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