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Chillin with A Villain

We get into stuff because it has a certain element or topic we want to explore. Depending on how well this goes, we can get obsessed with it. The Sims series allows us to play the ultimate ‘What if’ game. Call of Duty allows one to be immersed in to different times of brutal combat of war. Assassin Creed allows us to be the killing badass Batman never let us be. šŸ™‚ In the midst of theses intriguing and sometimes inspiring games, one stands on a pedestal for better and for worse.

Grand Theft Auto


That horrible mess of a game


If someone just cringed or sighed in annoyance because the mere mention of that name, I was once with you. (I kind of still am) Trust me on this though, I’m going somewhere with this. So let’s start at the beginning.

I heard about GTA and it always looked cool to me. Mainly the open world was just mind-blowing to me. Yet my parents were adamant on not having it on the shared computer. The closest thing I got to GTA was Just Cause 2, which was later uninstalled in a VERY RIGGED vote at my house. Still, when that game was installed I loved playing it. It was awesome and less pretentious that GTA is. (In my opinion)

A while ago I found Vanoss and his gaming channel. Along with a slew of other games he goes on GTA online with his friends. They get on and have different personas. Vanoss is Night Owl with a owl mask always on, there’s a pig, a monkey, a homelessĀ  guy (Appearance wise he dresses sloppily and it’s an ongoing joke), early bird/ eagle and tank top (Moose, that’s the guy’s name. Tank top is another joke.) They went on and joked around. Sure there was chaos and mass destruction but they made it so cartoon-y that no one would be thinking “This is too real”. No one. Maybe one person but that person is really trying too hard.



I watched Vanoss’ channel, along with his friend’s channels, for a while laughing and having fun along with them. I ventured to new games. New people. It was fun. GTA though still stuck out to me. The game itself is rendered very life like, but it also has ragdoll physics and when you die in the game, it’s hilarious. To be honest, the characters fit the location and style of the game, but they are also such odd stereotypes that I can still differentiate them from people in reality. It’s not completely out of the uncanny valley to say it simply.

In aesthetics, the uncanny valley is the hypothesis that human replicas which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit feelings of eeriness and revulsion (or uncanniness) among some observers.


On a whim I bought GTA Thursday night. I wasn’t looking for anything mind-blowing or surprising. It was a pretty scandalous game that was pretty shallow in story and gives people the option of playing the criminal for once. After abondaning my life since then, unlocking the three main protagonists and getting them all in one area of the map, I still haven’t found anything special that made me look at it differently. It’s still a game about sex and crime. Yet in the midst of the two, I found somethingĀ  . . . odd.

What is this thing I found?


If this piece of trash looks at all familiar, it was probably because he was on a good part of the advertisement campaign for GTA 5. He is the poor, white part of theĀ  pyscho dynamic of the game, mostly representing the players of GTA. The mood swings between oddly philosophical and angry redneck. He’s the last protagonist to be introduced and mostly he is about meth and turf wars. Still, he also is the last to find out that everything he’s believed in for the last 7-10 years ( I can’t remember) was a lie. In his tough and gruff attitude he says things that don’t line up with the previous information the player knew. We knew that the Michael (Second protagonist introduced) was an ex-con man and burglar. We knew Michael got shot during their last heist and now is living , somehow, in a nice house in the rich part of town.

Trevor when we meet him, shows us what had happened to the other two people Michael abandoned for his new life. I hadn’t even thought about the other two. I really thought that the game was going to follow Michael going back to the life of Crime. But slowly I’m getting the feeling that Michael never left that life, he just left the people. Trevor is mentally damaged. He is angry. He is upset. He is protective. He was Michael’s best friend and Michael tossed him in the trash.

Trevor? He’s dead. I think. I hope he is.

That was Michael talking to his buddy in the FIB (Parody of the FBI). Trevor truly believed that Michael was dead, and mourned for him. He says this a few times after he finds out that Michael isn’t. Sometimes to Michael’s face. It broke my heart. Not too much though because once again Trevor is mentally unhinged and will go off at any moment’s notice. Still, I missed judge this game.



Now back to your sort-of scheduled blog posts.

*None of these images are mine, just sayin*

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