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From bad to worse

Having my driver side window out of commission until I can get a part for it during the end of the summer was bad enough. Already I had accidentally pressed the button to roll it down only to be reminded that,

‘it be not okay’


To also have my 1,000 dollar laptop suddenly crash and give me the white circle of dots and death is high on my list of “How about no” list. I love that laptop and luckily my dad was able to press the “magic buttons” and get it to restore the files back from the last saved point on the damn thing but like REALLY?!?!? WINDOWS, DA HELL WIT YOU!?

Also medical term., is kicking my ass. Half of the things I will never use and as intriguing as it all is, I don’t think I want to be a part of it. I’ve been feeling more towards video editing, rendering and engineering. I feel stuck in the science field, and discourage as my inconsistancy of being able to do well in it. At one point I’ll get this 111 class that will be super hard and I’ll get a B, and then later I’ll get a fairly regular class and get a C in it.

A “C” is not a good great at my house. It’s not

a good grade to me.

My dad told me that things usually break in 3’s. So first my car, then my laptop, and now what? If something happens to my phone I swear I’m moving out. Selling my car, getting rid of my phone and just getting a full time job.


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