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Writing like No One’s watching- Which is probably for the best

Recently I have been absorbed by a book. It’s kept me from any blogs I had been keeping up with, Tv shows I’ve worshipped and homework I needed to be doing.

This book was a

Blue compressive

marble copy book.


pHone Imgae.jpg

Yep, This one. 🙂


This book has made me stay up at night writing till 12 or 1 in the morning with no regrets to come for some reason. To make more things confusing, the story in it, among other things, is a story that I’m not actively trying to plot. I’m just writing right now. Writing till the page is filled with them and then turning the page. Sometimes I don’t have a pencil with me and instead use a pen, one that bleeds onto the back of it. I still keep going. I’m pretty sure I’m sick. . .

November is coming and anyone that writes will tell you, NANOWRIMO might actually be a worse illness than what I have.


We’ll keep in touch,


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