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Delvin D’sHonor(s silent)

This character came to be a long time ago when I was in my Disney phase. Originally it was just the old time classic that were involved with my stories; Cinderella, Snow White, Aura (spelled so wrong Google πŸ™‚ ), all of the likes with a few Wonderland hooligans involved on the side. No with my mind back near the Disney Franchise I found an old story called the Sleeping Curse. Yes it was a glee fanfic, and it was three pages long. (That’s probably just a scene now that I think of it.) It sparked my imagination though and with the Disney Descendants movie being announced I was in the mood to see a flip on what was the usual Disney algorithm. I’m not sure if the post is still on the sight but to sum it up frank; no. These can’t be the kids of the most notorious Disney Villains. Maleficent was stabbed and bled out on screen yet her daughter is a green eyed pansies. Great.

So in light of that disappointment I’ve been working on my own Disney Villain offspring story myself. And then it slowly has been turning into something much different. So to start off, here is the picture that inspire Delvin D’sHonor.

Thank you Rule 63 (Gender-flip)

As one can see in the picture, the dogs seemed quite comfortable on him, Not at all afraid of him like his female counter part Cruella De Vil. So this sparked an idea. Then the idea was padded when a clip with Cruella in the Once Upon Of Time series that really got me thinking. What if instead of being a dog killer, he enslaved dogs? Not like he locks them up, but he was the magical ability (TV series) to summon surrounding dogs and demon dogs at an notice. Like he’ll start called the names of the 101 Dalmatians and a bunch of huge dogs came under his command, all glowing with this threatening red low and smoke from them. That would work since I’m trying to subtle implement a magical quart system with four divisions. red is one of the colors.

Also the picture show that he is very cocky and would probably be up with the latest fashion. This is where I also want to put a twist in where he wants to be with the top fashion but since it is heavily female oriented he has to be careful not to be labeled “Homosexual”. Yeah that is actually the major ark of the male- counter of Sleeping Beauty. In short, Delvin is straight (has a cute little crush on someone) but most think he is the closeted gay. Fun times in the land forgotten and misread. πŸ™‚

So that’s one of my characters.


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