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Learning about myself this month #Nanowrimo

I love scrivener. It’s not like the notebooks I carry around that I can flip to a new page when I have a completely different idea. It opens right back to where I started and since I have all the intentions to finish the project I started, having it open right to the writing helps me not procrastinate on it, I never really thought about it until I was trying to type up something in google drive and realizing I was typing up something else. It’s just a quirk I noticed and really enjoy about the program.

This really helps since I signed up for Nanwrimo and then wrote as inconsistent as I had ever written. I had a blue notebook (Previously shown) that I did write in most days. But I needed to type it up, and I signed up for Nano for that reason exactly. To be honest I just signed up to get in the rhythm of writing this month. It helped, I wrote but did not type up.


Chapter 9/ 10. It just keeps going. I think I need a separation


Chapter 2, almost 3

Not saying that the chapters on the computer are wasted time or space. They have more depth, I feel, and dimension given that I could add much more than I could on the margins of the notebook. Still it’s a pretty large gap between the two. I had this problem with the pre-historic draft of my story ‘Big Brother Blogger”. The notebook, and fan fiction, that is came from is done, complete, finished. I even have the sequel to it half way done and the edits and re-writes for the first story done (For the most part). But whenever I get around to typing the sucker up, I end up not finishing it or going into another story that I don’t finish. It’s frustrating.

Still, overall I’m happy with Scrivener and will keep on typing up my current story. I knew from the very beginning that trying to write an entire 50,000 word story wasn’t my style. My stories come out better after, at the lesser end, three months or more. I learned to love it and work with it. Some things are worth the wait.

But not if the wait is just because of my extreme procrastination with typing it up.



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