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A New Year, Slightly Tired Me


Can I go back to sleep yet? I really need  nap. I think everyone needs a nap, only because right after New years I saw most if my neighbors dump their Christmas trees out by the curbs. It was amazing because my dogs had to pee on every single one.

Still I have a bit more hope than that for this year. This year I want to create. Not only that but create and get seen; get feedback on what I do and thrive. Stupid goals to my family but I have never been more alive like that and I think it’s a better shot than going to med school.

My plan is to post at least one video a week, a build from sims 3, a music video, randomness, I’m playing with things in the works. I also want to post at least twice a week. Did I saw post? NO I meant schedule two posts a week and then promptly use the mobile app I’ve yet to use for smaller posts. I’ve never kept myself to these promises, and I know I’ll mess up. It’s human nature to say, ‘screw it’, and go play Overwatch for a few dozen days. (Not that I would be complaining.) Still that’s why I need to be having two post a week SCHEDULED, so that if I miss a writing day it’s not that bad of a thing. I won’t fall off the cliff of posting.

SO…. my name’s going to be Fuin, pronounced Fun, and I’m excited for this year. Hopefully I don’t say ‘screw it’ in the first month.



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