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Please don’t tell me!!!

I don’t like public bathrooms. When I was little there use to be some sort of thrill going to a restaurant and using the bathroom. Now grown up I’m in an uncomfortable position with them.

I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM… But I don’t want to use the bathroom.  T_T

DeFranco and mini DeFranco. They get it.

During my school day I use a leather messenger bag. The idea came from Glee’s Kurt Hummel and I found one up in Lancaster PA. Needless to say I have a back-up just in case it rains but none what so ever for inside buildings and their bathrooms.

For some reason they smell like bleach and here I’m thinking,

Why is there bleach?! Did someone die here?! oh don’t tell me!! Where do I put my bag??

I don’t like haging it on the hook on the stall door because I’m always afriad of it ripping off. It’s my baby and I don’t know where to put it!!

I swear I’m going to give myself a heart attack if I keep this up…. See you in the ER! 🙂

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