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Vengeance- It’s always complicated

After a great battle of Heaven, Hell and Humans, all that was left were the humans. Heaven and hell were obliterated and let to dust. As it was, as it always been, there would be a watcher, and thus the Grand King Of All the Dimensions spun the leftovers together, where it formed two new beings. Of Heaven and hell in each, they were given powers to balance the dimension. One apparition was of smoke with sparkling crystals pointed outward. Though originally named ____, he took on the name of Thomas after possessing an ancient vampire in the 1600’s. His proclaimed mate, due to be married in a sense, took the name Erin after being forced to re-incarnated in a human body around the same time. Thomas loved the body and had it for a long time. Erin, on the other hand, destroyed the human and built himself a new one.

Before they were supposed to wed, Thomas fell out into depression. Unable to reach anyone, he wondered the galaxy until he came to the time forest which he ventured in despite knowing the dangers. Alone, desperate, and afraid, he found no answer back from Erin who he knew could hear him. When he could get back, he broke off the engagement, finding out from Erin that while he was suffocating in darkness, Erin laughed. Erin had enjoyed his misfortune, and Thomas was still stunned by the ordeal to look past it.

Erin, to long after, attack Thomas in the middle of the desert, making Thomas re-spawn and destroying the ancient body in the process. Thomas was furious, and their rivalry began. Thomas quickly won over Erin in most battles, even having Erin a prince with malleable skin. Leading the mob, he had the nearby Villages gang up on Erin and torture the prince. Pulling the skin, long and flowing bandages were formed from him stretching two miles long. To make matters worse, as Erin was tied hanging from his bandages by the villagers, Thomas cast a seal on Erin. He would never leave that body. It would come with him, his essence would be tied to that form, forevermore.

Once Erin died in the tomb, and returned to the space overlooking the dissension, he was beyond furious. Being the complete opposite from Thomas, he loathed long-term bodies, favoring switching as much as he can. Thomas didn’t restrain himself from laughing in Erin’s face.

Their guard, assigned to keep the two on track, didn’t approve of Thomas’ actions. It took their power to create new light, allowing transformations only. Erin was allowed to transform light into a weapon while giving Thomas the ability to reflect it. Erin wasn’t through. He cursed Thomas with refraction. It prevented Thomas from keeping a permeate form, as well as never truly connecting with the present physical shell. They fought even worse, in space above and on Earth, but without raising the attention of their guard.

Thomas consumed by hatred. It manifested not only for Erin but for the humanity he was assigned to. He wanted to end it; destroying it and thus them. AS he developed a crafted his plan, he noticed that alcohol allowed him a better grasp of his form during the slipping periods of the curse. It made feel like the body was almost a fit. He became obsessed with the vice, along with his vengeance. Erin noticed and toyed, played and mocked Thomas, fueling what he thought was a ridiculous demon. By the Time Thomas had chosen Scott Morgan for a henchman, there was nothing left to spare the businessman. For Scott, it was enough.




Thomas has many similar traits to Darren Chris. Darren is used for any visual representation when needed.



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