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Dear Mother Nature

You don’t know me, but I know your work when I see it and usually meet it with a round of applause. The trees losing their leaves in the fall are amazing to throw my dogs in once they’re in piles. The rare and special days you shine sunlight during the winter and the aggravating, and frightening, bees in the spring.

Though I would love less snow, you have gotten me out of some school days so I have nothing big to gripe about that. BUT ICE?


Not only did you grace us with a snowstorm but also with high sunshine and low nights. That means the little bit of snow that came, melted and turned to ice. Now I’d like to thank you ahead of time for not giving us black us, my nemesis and longtime rival. Still, though, the ice you did give us is under all the snow and mostly on the ramps of driveways and other such things. (Anything hilly) So my question is this…



I celebrate Earth day, I recycle and though I’m not vegan and vegetarian there is bigger meat eater out there than me! Now I’m not sure if there are bigger fish you’re trying to fry and I just happen to be in the wake, by the looks of the arctic blast your giving the east coast, but please try to centralize your attacks. Just go to New York for the snow and ice blizzard and give the rest of us a cold winter day. Or freezing one. Or how about keep all your efforts on ransacking the west coast and leave the rest of us out of it. whatever it did, we weren’t apart of it or had any knowledge of it.


Yours truly,


Someone who doesn’t want to see ice or their dreaded cousin, black ice, for the rest of the year. (2018)


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