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This is one of my short term stories that will be featured on this site. The story’s main protagonist is Caden, but most of the perspectives will be from Em, his sister, along with Jack his stepbrother, a popular guy named Eric, and two others that really gives the story life. I trying to show the same scene in multiple perspective to almost show you what that said person is missing and what that says about them.

Hope you enjoy!


You’re not wearing that are you?” His sister pointing with her spoon. Soiled cereal leaked onto the table.

Caden glanced at himself with a questioning look back to her. “Yeah, so what?”

Her eyes got wide with the spoon clanging in the bowl.

Jack came through the doorway, smiling behind him. “Does the holiday tree have some fashion advice for us?”

They chuckled and got settled at the kitchen table, promptly ignoring the glares from their sister.

Seriously Jack, he can’t go looking like that.”

Jack stuffed toast in his mouth a shrugged.

At least my hair isn’t dyed neon green. That is completely a no-no here.” Caden noted with a grin.

His sister bit her lip. “I’m a girl. I’m allowed to have this color. It makes my complexion look better.” She flipped her neon green strands over her shoulder with a wide smile. “You on the other hand, would have had your ass handed to you back home.”

Before he could response, their mother rushed in suited up for the day. “Emma, language.”

Emma rolled her eyes. Caden stuck out his tongue. Jack kept out of the two by stuffing his mouth full of food.

Please don’t do this Caden, it’s weird.” Emma pressed

Their mother turned and looked over the two boys. “What’s wrong with what they’re wearing?”

Emma scoffed.

Jack’s fine.” She gestured to Jack’s plaid short sleeve shirt and jeans; His Blonde hair combed upward and sprayed to keep it there.

It’s Caden.”

Everyone took the moment to look at him, Caden. Sitting comfortably, he wore ripped dark jeans, a low cut plain shirt with a black and white pattern sweater over it. His boots tapped impatiently on the kitchen tile and just for fun he poised his matching hat lower on his face. There was silence for a moment.

I’ don’t see anything wrong with what he’s wearing.” Their mother answered before turning to the coffee machine.

Jack shrugged and stood up with his plate, swallowing the last of the toast. “I don’t personally care what anyone wears, I’m just not being late for my first day.” He eyed Emma.

Caden was just as quick to stand up. “You two have bigger problems than what I choose to wear anyway.” He dumped his plate in the sink and picked his messenger bag off the ground walking towards the front door. He paused at the doorway. “One of them being not shoved in the lockers for being the new transies.” Caden laughed.

The three of them looked at him, confused and slightly concerned.

Why don’t you help them today, you know Chester high?” His mother calmly suggested, grabbing her stuff as well.

Caden shook his head. “It starts at seven thirty promptly and good luck with parking. Maybe the green hair will your good luck charm. You’ll need it.” He clicked his tongue at them walking out to the bus stop.

Jack and Emma looked at each other wondering if they had made a mistake. After a moment, their mother went to the side door in the kitchen that led to the garage.

Do grab the jackets I got you in the closet. It’s not warm on the east coast children. Love you.” She was out the door within the minute, blowing them a kiss.

Jack and Emma were stunned in silence. Emma combed through her hair, trying to debate to go grab a hat herself. Jack was concerned with Caden’s warning on parking. He had just gotten the car up from his grandmother and didn’t want to risk it at a high school parking lot. He shrugged, it was normal.

Come one Em!”

He grabbed his stuff and went into the garage to start his car. A few minutes later Emma came out and climbed into the passenger seat, fear plastered onto her face.

Scared?” Jack asked politely.

Aren’t you?”

He shrugged. “It’s another school. Nothing I haven’t seen or handled before.”

Emma laid back in the seat. “Yeah, well with Nana, it was a disaster. Nothing happened.”

Probably for the best.” Jack snickered.

Emma shook her head. “That’s why I did my hair like this. I want to be different here, new and mysterious.”

Jack turned to her with a big smile. “I though that girl tricked you into that?”

She gave him a death glare which he wisely took as a clue to not to bring it up.

You don’t need to be different. Being transferred two months late is different enough” Jack started backing up the Jeep.

Emma rolled her eyes and sighed. “Says the guy who moved every other month.”

Jack nodded. “Yeah, I would know something about that.”

The garage door slowly opened but halfway up a brisk breeze swept into the open Jeep, freezing the conversation. Jack slammed on the brake and the car went in park.

Where did mom say the jackets were?” Emma said chattering her teeth.

Jack swung out of the car. “I’m not going out without them!”

The two headed back into the house to grab the jackets their mother had noted they needed to take in the first place.

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