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We Are Marvel – A poem By Bloom

We Are Marvel:

Marvel isn’t the definition of make believe.

Nor do the characters purposely make your grieve.

Each character holds potential,

And the overall Marvel has it’s prudential.

Each character has their traits,

And they all have their fates.



Be like Hulk and know how to be calm and when to be angry.

Be like Spiderman who knows to have fun and when to serve the world.

Be like Captain America and know what is right.

Be like Iron Man and never stop fighting or enhancing yourself to help others.

Be like Deadpool and use your weaknesses as your strengths.

Be like Black Widow and keep a secret profile.

Be like Wolverine and know how to channel your anger.

Be like Thanos and have the hunger for more.

Be like the Black Panther and seek revenge only to those who are never avenged.

Be like the Daredevil and use all your strengths as one when it’s is gone.

Be like Thor and seek to protect.

Be like QuickSilver and use your powers to help.

Be like Loki and use your wits and know when to trust your anger.

Be like Scarlet Witch and bring dreams, but know nightmares are dreams too.

Be like Hawkeye and use your coordination along with your powers.

Be like Marvel.

In the end,

They protect what needs to be protected,

Even the villains of sort protect.


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