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This is one of my short term stories that will be featured on this site. The story’s main protagonist is Caden, but most of the perspectives will be from Em, his sister, along with Jack his stepbrother, a popular guy named Eric, and two others that really gives the story life. I trying to show the same scene in multiple perspective to almost show you what that said person is missing and what that says about them.

Hope you enjoy!

Chester High, meanwhile, was in full swing with buses lined up in the front letting off students at the glass doors. The parking lot had a line for the prominent front spaces, being slowly converted to be going to the back and side of the school. Expensive vehicles lined the front of the school in sleek and bright colors. Even sleeker people stepped out of them with a crowd surrounding them instantly. As glamorous as the shot was, most of the students were unloading from the buses with a nice line flowing in from the side of the school, the ones who thought they could get a front lot parking spot. Among them was a rowdy group of boys jumping at each other while they went inside. While most were ignored by the masses, one stuck out. Hanging back from the pack, he was elegant in his paces. His hair was airbrushed to perfection with the sun highlighting the gold in the brown. People paused to look at him, some even waved. He waved back.

“Yo! Eric!” A member of the group called back. “Do the homework for English?”

Eric hurried up to the group, being instantly welcomed in the ranks. “Yeah. You need it, Tom?”

His question was ignored as the cheerleading team passed the group and an audience of howling sound.

“Ain’t they a sight? Damn what I would do to get at least one!” One guy said drooling.

The others nodded. So did Eric.

“Which one would you want?” One asked Eric.

It took Eric by surprise since he hadn’t noted on any of the girls and had merely silently waved at them. The leader girl blew him a kiss even. Still, the question had him reeling for an answer, quickly.

“What’s the captain’s name? Claire, I heard she’s nice.” Eric answered breathlessly.

“Lois, but yeah. Neither would I.” The guy elbowed Eric in the side.

The group continued to walk together to the cafeteria where a few parted to grab some breakfast. The rest of the group walked through the place to the other side where the courtyard was. Outside in the autumn weather, the group took their spot by the west entrance. The table scribbled with “remarkable” words and sayings, the group got relatively calmer. They didn’t need to be loud anymore.

Eric sat on the table being perfectly left alone to gaze around. The center table was taken by another group more prominent than his own, though quieter. The east entrance had only half the group that usually guards the entrance, the student council. The North had the choir group orderly sitting at their entrance with a few singing lightly in the wind. The South Entrance was through the cafeteria doors and was free for anyone to use. It wasn’t prime real-estate. The sun didn’t glisten there, the cool breeze didn’t blow just right there, and there wasn’t even good shade there.

He looked up at the surrounding balconies that looked down at the courtyard. People were everywhere. He couldn’t see everything but he saw enough. On the second floor was a scene at the balconies, probably a harassment incident but there was nothing he could do about it. It was just nature. On the same level was shouting, but was indistinct with everyone else talking.
Action on the third level was sparse to see yet he still tried for it. There was something important he had to check on and it was close to the time he usually sees them. After a minute or so he gave up on the third level.
After a few minutes, he found what he was looking for. This time, through the cafeteria’s large windows, was Caden Kos. Sitting at the tables by the doors to the courtyard, he had his back to Eric with a skinny Latino girl by him. The sweater Caden wore was spotless for being white, depicting a penguin scene in the snow. The boots were just above his ankles, letting the dark skinny jeans rest on them. Caden shot out of his seat and spun around, silently laughing with the girl. Eric couldn’t help notice the low cut shirt, plain colored and yet perfect for him.

The girl shot up and chased Caden onto the table, snatching the hat off his head to reveal a flowing dark mess of hair underneath. Caden couldn’t get the hat back and had to resort to laying on the table, head hanging off and styling his hair with his hands. The hair looked like satin.

A group of girls came sauntering up to the pair, making the Latino freeze in her place. Caden crossed his legs on the table and smiled at the group, who surprisingly smiled back seductively. The lead girl, which Eric noted was Miranda Leigh of Evan’s group, leaned down extremely close to Caden and said something. Their noses touched, any closer their lips could be as well. Caden laughed and his hand caressed Miranda’s cheek.

Eric snapped away from the scene as the bell rang for homeroom. The crowds mushed together as students filed into and through the courtyard to get to their rooms. Someone elbowed him in the upper leg. He turned to them.

“No homo.” The guy said in defense as he hopped up to the tabletop. “Did you say you did the homework for English or was that Eddie?”

Eric shrugged. “I don’t know about Eddie but I have it with me. Bring it back before fourth period.” He handed the guy a piece of paper from his bag.

“You will.” The guy said rushing off.

Eric sat on the table observing the crowd flowing around him. Glancing at the cafeteria, it was cleaned of any students.


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