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The minuet past time of few Americans and a serious sport to even fewer. Usually when I go bowling one of two things happen:

  1. I either get bored in frame one and go looking for more interesting things to do. This I solely because I suck.
  2. Someone ends up with a broken finger.

But luckily this time no one had to be rushed to the doctor’s and better yet, I scored the first two strikes of the session. My friend was looking at me with suspicion, not sure weather I was a threat. He quickly got competitive.

What did I do amongst the pros and competing?

I danced to ever song I knew, which was oddly movie soundtracks and Megan Trainer. My buddy bowler didn’t stay too competitive seeing how happy I was when I got more than a one or a zero.

Can’t say I would do bowling every time, but with this friend I couldn’t ask for a better time.

How could I? He bought me pizza. XD

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