Overthrown – Thoughts (Part 1)

So, last time I talked about Overthrown, it was merely a highlight of Chapter 1. I’m up to chapter five and could continue but I find that just because I show highlights doesn’t mean much if nothing else is talked about. Here I want to talk about the characters and the core of my story. (Which just so happened to be the daily reminder/tip of the day!)


The core of my story is family and how far you’re willing to forgive and forget to keep them safe. In the story, I put two being together that would otherwise be at odds with each other, god and the devil – Good and Evil. Hopefully, as the story goes on the reader gets rid of those assumptions and let the actions of that person to determine who is who. Also if I can convey that Good and Evil are nominal in the whole state of things, that would be nice. The universe is bigger than anyone can imagine. So far so good.


The list of characters is going to grow, just like the many religions I’m researching and taking inspiration from. As daunting as that is, I can’t forget who the main people are. (Or family!) Also, don’t expect last names since titles are mostly used and the pictures are from google. I suck at drawing.

Giovannii (God and Lord of Heaven and Hell Alike)


Giovannii earth.jpg

So fun, so much shit to deal with . . .

Giovannii has a particular spelling, mainly because he used to make a smiley face with his eyes when he was younger. (It’s pronounced the same) He comes from a large family of seventeen and had a rowdy childhood with his siblings. The son of a long branch of war and lust, he mostly comes from a Norwegian – Angelo line of the themes. Trained to fight from the moment he came out, he was also taught the ways of deceit and compromising, both made lethal in combat. There’s no doubt he loves his wife and children, but he’s stern on what needs to be done and won’t compromise on it. Father to three boys, he keeps the universe in check, heaven and hell, (made into separate titles and not always the same person in other generations) and when he can his children. On earth he looks similar to this picture, giving him a more of a younger look than naturally is. He has to survive in a world with sharp edges and painted in shades of gray.


Lucifer (Guard of Hell, Angel son of God)


Lucifer earth

He looks like a peice of –

Lucifer is the middle child of the family and usually resides in hell.  Protective of his own, he doesn’t do much compromising. Despite that, he isn’t the devil everyone prescribes the same name to, and tries his best to follow the rules his father lays down. (Lucifer is not a common name in heaven but has appeared several times in generations) What got him sent down was his refusal to adhere to the main goal of heaven – create and train earth to become better. Something about the black and whiteness of the judgment system rubbed him the wrong way and he was kicked out after a non-lethal rebellion.  Now on earth with his father, he has to compromise on what  or who he’s willing to forgo.



I was going to continue this but my class is ending soon. Plus, many of the characters I was going to feature are gotten rid of after a while. These two are the main two. In part two I’ll describe the wife and the other brothers, along with the main threat of the two, Azreal. 


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