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Highlights from Draft – Chpt 2

Wow, I’ve fallen behind on this. Still, I have been making progress – raw progress – and that is the spirit of Camp Nanowrimo. It’s nice to focus on the story and write through.  Here are some chapter 2 highlights.  Enjoy!

Lucifer went silent. It lingered until they got on the subway.

“Do you think mom really wants me dead.”

Giovannii looked down and couldn’t see Lucifer’s face. It was hidden among the ashy blonde hair. He took a seat and pulled Lucifer into the seat next to him.

“Your mother loves you, never forget that.” He reminded with a sting of woe.

It was hard to imagine his wife as the loving woman he knew she was. Heaven was roasting alive, most of hell was frozen with Lucifer being a too close captive. He had just enough time to grab his son, all while being chased by the two other sons. Neither of them could forget the mindless vengeance seeping out of their family. Lucifer met eyes with his mother, once a goddess of Northern culture and magic, now fulfilling the dreaded prophecy she was given. To kill God.

He couldn’t though imagine her doing it. Even on a subway with one of their children, starving and sore, he couldn’t see it in her. She was kind and intelligent, witty and soothing. Vengeance and pain were sewn into her ancestry and legacy but she was very different. Maybe her mother he could see, but not her. Not when their children are prime examples of how exquisite the woman was, and how this suffering wasn’t her.

“If anything she would have smited me. Hurting her children is beyond anything she could imagine.” He said out loud.

“She didn’t,” Lucifer said flatly.

Giovannii glanced at the boy, watching the boy express the lie onto his face. It wasn’t working. Confusion kept lining the edges, and after a minute Lucifer huffed in frustration.

“I wonder she’s making them do.”

Giovannii paused for a moment before answering. Lucifer looked up after a minute. “If she would do any harm I would seriously doubt we’re dealing with your mother at that point.”

“But not if she would hurt you?” Lucifer raised a suspicious brow.

Giovannii took a deep breath and stared right ahead. The word didn’t want to come out, he was almost willing to lie not to hear it. That wasn’t going to be and despite his heart pounding and mind racing, he answered.

“No.” It was small and soft, with the force of a truck.


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