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Prologue ; Grez


Most days no one could be bothered with each other. It was too easy to ignore each other. We played around with each other but most of the time we were independent of each other. That wasn’t by accident. Our parents never liked us hanging. We were more like trophies and nick-nacks to be brought out when the time asked for some free entertainment. A good part of the time we weren’t introduced as children. We were nephews or grandkids. One time we were just kids hanging around the block who they just let in because, why not?


None of that matters anymore. They’re gone. Our parents suddenly passed away a few weeks between one another. This left us to be the rightful heirs to an almost mysterious and foreign monopoly. We always used to the wealth that came with the large businesses, and we knew the basic workings of them. That though is not enough to keep the ball rolling.


Most aren’t that worried about our inability to run the businesses. As long as we are alive and healthy, it seems enough to keep the paradise our parents made, afloat. Moreso, everyone seems to be worried about how we’re taking their deaths, how we are adjusting to living at our school.


All of that is nothing in comparison to what had happened in the meantime. We had to give our countryside chateau to our aunt, and leave our dogs there. We knew they would be safe but nothing is like coming home and getting an overly-excited welcome. Some of us are taking it harder than others.


That’s what worries me the most. Not like anyone asked.

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