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Hades – The Mopey Son


The eldest of the trio, he has become withdrawn from his family only confiding with Poseidon when he needs to. Friends are concluded to be Charon and Thanatos with Ares accompanying them from time to time. One rule that’s known is that they can’t be edgy, some noting it as the anti-edgy rule. It seems like their ultimate rule.

Hades has a disposition to be bored and uninterested, usually having a blank face on. His hobbies though revolve a lot around the arts. He is known to play the organ and the piano. There are rumors at the school that the boy can sing as well, though nothing is confirmed.

During press conferences and meetings, Hades is known to stay quiet behind his brothers. He avoids questions and tends to ignore persistence no matter who it comes from. It creates tension instantly in any and all situations that his brothers try to diffuse as fast as possible.

Another set of rumors say that Demeter is a candidate of interest for the bachelor. They’ve been seen together on multiple occasions. Nothing can be concluded since Hades’ disposition makes any and all findings inconclusive.Screenshot-152

Never a stranger to the strangest, he is quiet and stoic in much of his work and life. Some noted that at his parent’s funeral, he didn’t shed a tear. He remained motionless during the ceremony and afterward, he became visibly angry. As much as the public would like to think he is grieving in his own way, there’s been loud speculation for an alternative motive for the boy.

A child not to be messed with or to deceive, his presence strikes the nerves of his opponents and allies alike. Who he’ll side with in the end is hard to tell.

Outside Looking In

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