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Unruly and Unrested, the second son of the Gias Family is never in one place for long. Investigating new trends, playing on the beach, and driving his favorite vehicles, being sent to their boarding school was the hardest on this brother.

The second son of the Gias siblings he is usually gone from class to be outside. Frisbee, soccer, baseball, he is the one to try and master the sport. One thing that always gets him excited is anything to do with water and swimming.  An expert in swimming himself, if he can be he will be in the water. Sadly though, the school is far from that as well.

Fun and humorous for most of the time, there is an angry side to this brother that many wouldn’t dare to see. The wrath of this brother is known to start instantly and take forever to calm. No quarrel, insult, or jab is to small for this brother and he has enough for all three.Screenshot-80.jpg

Many who know of this side fear being the target of the temper. This leads many to avoid discussing any topics that have the potential of going wrong. Topics like the states of the Family Businesses aren’t usually shared with him, though he always finds out one way or another.

He isn’t with anyone and doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone, rather his interest keeps to his activities. A solid opponent to anyone who would threaten the remaining family, this brother seems on the surface, calm and poise. Passion isn’t something new for the Gias brothers but this one seems to be driven by it.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen


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