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Upgrading Grez

So, I rolled out a story called Grez. Made a page for it, did a character or two, posted one already. Well between all of it I was working on the first episode/post/chapter when I found a major problem. I’m relying on the reader to already know the mythology in a way.

I’m expecting knowledge which could lead to conflicting facts towards the fiction. That isn’t something I should have done as a writer since this shouldn’t come off as fanfic-y as it is.

I apologize and will be upgrading the story with a bit more of a prologue and a character arch set-up. If I’m going to to use the Greek gods, I need to lay down the basics, since originally there was alot of *inter-marriage* and other like themes.

Sidenote: anyone waiting for the three headed hell-hound, I’m sorry. I’m using Sims and a discovery storyline so baby pup Cerberus is not as such. Not in the mortal plane.

I’m sorry, and I will be more attentive in the future. HAPPY BLOGGING!

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