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Three States for my tri-state set-up

Once upon a time, there was a story. This story lets’ date it 2012 because that is one of the earliest dates stamped on it and there isn’t a lot. I was just getting out of eighth grade but to be honest, I was probably working on this fanfic from sixth grade until a mid-sophomore year when I finished it. At the end of eighth grade, I had finished the basic story, and more two years in high school was a bunch of rewrites trying to get it be an original story. Surprisingly throughout the million rewrites and copies, one thing had stayed the same. There were always three interlocking towns.

blogger boi797

So, this story started as a glee fanfic. It was a bit edgier than most knew me for since there was suicide mentioning, bullying and a subtle emotional manipulation plotline in it, all with the anonymous BigBrotherBlogger reporting on all of it. Teen Drama with a bit of a mystery, even though the person behind it was Kurt Hummel, and it was pointed out to the audience quickly. With a few more wrenches thrown in, this story was a good contender for being an Alternate Universe or an AU. Since it’s so long, most attempts to get it recorded digitally ended up with me bailing on it. Some things just won’t see the light.

North Chester


From there my story BloggerBoi came. This story was one of the re-writes, the third one I believe, that diverted from the basic Glee plot. The character was still passive like Kurt, and gay though not out and proud of it. This was about when I came back to an AU video called “One More Night” of Klaine. I added a, is he straight is he not, plotline to BloggerBoi with the known fact that Addison -the 3.0 Kurt Hummel- had actually gone out with him and gotten humiliated by him. No one else knows though.

After this re-write was done, I looked back and realized that I didn’t want such a passive pushover. The plot seemed to just happen to him and nothing else. He never had any other initiative other than to stay hidden, all because Addison got humiliated by his childhood friend a while ago. It just wasn’t so thrilling to me. (Though the humor still makes me smile) So I rewrote it again and named it “Secret’s in the Details”.

In this version, once again the main was gay but was much sassier. He was given a twin sister as well as the Finn Hudson step-brother scenario, though the marriage was already set in this story. (In the fanfic the marriage happens near the end of the story.) This was much more of a family dynamic, character development stories. I loved the character – now named Caden- but he was so abrasive. He was so forthcoming. If you read the fanfic, you wouldn’t have recognized the two. So back to the drawing board.

I went back to BloggerBoi and made a second version of it, along with a ‘moving’ version of the story with a version of Kurt Hummel called Henry Kos. He was straight this time with a friend being gay. This was good character development and plot driving. The only thing I could get in the story is the suicide line which mattered greatly to me. In the original, it showed how sensitive someone can get and how regretful they can become even if no one else finds their actions the least bit criminal. It was self-guilt and I wanted to keep that.

I shelved all of those versions and Glee in the closet for some time. I worked on other stories. I kept them simple, like the very first version of BloggerBoi. That was bullying. One of my stories was about suicide. Another was about peer- pressure. Another was a bit fantastical, just enough for


everyone else to call it crazy if they never saw it. They kept building, getting rewritten and worked on. The strange thing was that they never really left the area of the fanfic, which was a sort Lima- Ohio kind of town. If it wasn’t inside the town it was in the surrounding area. In the city nearby. In the wooded area.

Summer came and left, and then winter came, and I got cold. For some reason, I got exploring during the time and found amazing little-hidden places around me. One of them was far from me. The others were close and places I had never known to be near me. It sparked an idea.

In BloggerBoi, along with their own town, their neighboring town is mentioned in a passing dismissive tone. This was called Creedson. I thought, why don’t I put a character there. It gives the story a sense of self and scale! So, I did. And reading back on BloggerBoi I realized that as snobby as their town seemed to be – as well as superficial a good part of the time- I made the small part of Creedson that is shown in the story a hard-looking place. It’s either civilized or all dark roads. No in-between. So what was the rest of Creedson?! This became a paradoxical city, a hard-looking place with little pity to give to anyone, anymore.


This left one more town to be “discovered”. In the fanfic, there is another town to them, older and less dramatic. It was almost historical in its prestige. It is barely mentioned so I didn’t have much to go on. But then when I was working on a peer-pressure pick-up fic, I realized that the missing town could be just that. Instead of trying to make some complicated noble story, just make it the Paris Hilton of the three; noble and historical for just being there. I named this town Lakeside. This town was quiet, undisturbed and mostly has generations of families living there. They aren’t competitive with the other two towns, rather laying low and being a vacation spot with it’s gorgeous lakes.


So now with my three towns, I’ve found myself able to go back to the main story, BloggerBoi, and be able to work on it. Along with the other side stories, it’s easier to write it. The setting is all set and it feels like the world is alive around them, giving them life in the process. It was amazing to go about and be like,

“Well in Creedson that would fly but they’re in Lakeside. That definitely wouldn’t fly.”

It sucks that the story is taking so much time but sometimes, you find treasures in the time in between adventures.


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