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This is a Miscellaneous Story. There is a possiblity that this story won’t be completed or continued in a consistant way. If this is your kind of story, a comment would tell me. Let’s start a conversation.

The chamber was massive, the skylight above leaking blinding sunlight in. It reached none of us, it dissipated into the ancient stones and titles. It was cold, a solid breeze coming from somewhere and though with a sweater on, I still shivered. The other two boys, mysterious and silent, didn’t seem to mind the shift in temperature. They were too enamored by the architecture of the building, and once I got used to it, so was I. The arches circled us, not just around the doorways and windows but in equal segments around the room. There were two sets of doors, neither of which I could remember going or coming from. As lost as I was, or as I felt, there was no rush to bash open the doors and find out where we were.

Where I was?

I looked at the two boys I had met inside the room. One was as big as an adolescent bear, wide as it too. He had shaggy brown hair, with highlights of darker shades inside it. It wasn’t too long, just enough to have volume in on his head and nothing past his ears. As much of a stranger as he was, something emanated from him, something friendlier than I had ever known. He walked with so much might, yet every step he took in the room there was a silent gentleness. I was afraid of him, yet at the same time, I wanted him closer to me. He could protect me. The room was large for a reason and I couldn’t shake the agonizing fear that perpetuated in my chest.

I looked at the other boy, my height or maybe slightly taller. He was staggering around in small steps in a small circle. He hadn’t moved much, or at all. What should be home to him seemed foreign. There was no comfort in his form, his stance or his slight movements. His long hair came past his shoulders and was a shade of black that even the night feared. When we met eyes though, there was a burning sensation. Curiosity. An intense curiosity that was apparent in his face, and there seemed to be no hint of him trying to hide it. It sparked my curiosity as well.

I stood up from behind the chair and went over to the doors. The closer I got to them, the sooner I realize they were mirrors. Dark wood, it was painted in a thin coat of reflected glass. I reached for it, my hand is larger and smoother. In the reflection, I stood taller. My hair was slicked back, paler blonde.

He was frightening in every way, in a way that never resembled the nightmares I’ve had.

I looked for the other boys. They were right behind me but in the mirrors, there were only strangers. We were strangers.

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