Camp Nanowrimo and Twilight

Nanowrimo, the month or the camp, has always been  hard for me. Stories and interests always get in the way and sometimes I don’t write consistantly on one story. Sure I could mash them up but with my luck I would write a story in an actual notebook and I’m far too lazy to type all THAT mess up. Still, here is my synopsis of my nano project for July’s Camp Nanowrimo!

Enjoy and save the twilight hate for another day!

The Twilight universe is full of undiscovered possibilities and though many might be tired of the Bella/Edward/ Jacob romance conflict, the novels have introduced the world to a slew of characters waiting for their chance to tell their own stories. This will also include Life and Death fics too since that book was just plain fun to read.

One story will be about Carine’s experience with her long ago creator, thought to be dead, during a trip to London on her birthday.

The second one will be a story about Carlisle and an intern at a new hospital he’s working at. The intern is funny and clever, calling the pale man the “vampire doc”. Sadly though, not all stories get even a decent ending no matter how the good intentions were.

The third one, if needed, will be called Hope. This will be a fic in disguise. Three boys will have to outsmart new strangers that come to their exclusive towns and find a new truth about why the world feels so familiar to the sheltered young.

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