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SuperData Shows Fortnite Peaking and Pokemon Go Surging

The Ancient Gaming Noob

SuperData Research has released their digital market numbers for May 2018.

SuperData Research Top 10 – May 2018

On the PC end of the chart the top five entries remained unchanged from last month.  For May though DOTA 2, which fell of the chart previously, jumped back on and knocked World of Warcraft down a peg.  WoW, which is in the warm up period before its next expansion held out ahead of World of Tanks, while ninth and tenth spot continued to be held by PUBG and CS:GOWoW will likely rise through August due to the expansion.

On the console chart Fortnite remained on top, FIFA 18 climbed to second spot, and God of War sank a bit after strong launch sales.

Then on the far right the mobile segment still has the same top three titles as last month, but Pokemon Go has surged…

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