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A Deity Bent on One’s Own Creation

Edo is a person with no other hell than the one he has given himself. Locked internally in hell for the rest of his days, he gets every torture a human would with a force for a god. He takes it all with a smile, making his punishers shiver and shake. Sometimes it’s enough to intimidate them to leave him alone to wonder his hellish cage.

Everyone knows what had led him to this result. Other than leading a bloody war with heaven and subtly involving the earthly plane in his assault, he is also the man pinned for the deaths of Giovanii’s older brothers. He locked the young god out and led the boy’s four older brothers to their deaths – at the hands of each other. Then at the end, when there was one victor, he killed the last brother. All while kid Giovannii watched and cried at the locked gates of the Colosseum.  Truth not be told, he wasn’t the only one to be at the Colosseum that day, nor was he the true reason for the fight that ensued between the brothers. None the less he took the blame and when the child became God, and in the heat of war, told the lie that would seal his fate.

Many would say Edo is a creature of sadistic nature. Others would say he was once gently and intelligent compared to his other two siblings. All can agree that time had taken an ugly toll of the deity and what lies in hell is the remains. Siblings gone from power, he waits out his days until he can finish the task he was given – many have forgotten what it was since then- and leave the planes altogether. Till then he is kept in hell, smiling, tortured not by his punishers but by the agony he set upon himself.  No one can torture a man set onto his own destruction.

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