Chapter 4 – Highlights

A preview of chapter four of Overthrown. Honestly, this has to be my weakest chapter, since most of it is foreshadowing the events of five and six.

He closed his eyes and sharply inhaled, a headache coming on. He had no time for this, searching for a small white bottle Lucifer snagged a while back. As he checked in the cabinets, it got worse. Quickly he could no longer bend down and leaned on the refrigerator for support. His head kept banging and banging like someone had hit him with a steel pipe. He blinked several times, and then the apartment disappeared.

It was dark. There was rushing water somewhere. The air was hot and sticky and something was buzzing around him. He heard a small voice but he couldn’t hear what it said. A second past and a small body flew out from the darkness. He jumped back and hit something, a wall. The body rolled to his feet, torn, tattered and mangled. Bones were broken, a limb was ripped off with the entire backside bloodied. Cautiously he bent down, trying to see the face.

Air rushed past him, water dripped onto the body. He gazed up and saw a large animal. Razor sharp teeth glistening, it stood over him with a humanoid smile.

“Thanks for the snack.”

Giovannii glanced down, the body no longer small. It was an adult size, bright red painted on it. Hair covered the face wounds and through the mess, he saw glazed eyes stilled. Before he could call out, the animals snapped at him. He fumbled back.

Fumbling back against the counter, his head slammed hard against the tip of the counter. He yelped as he fell to the ground.

In front of him, Lucifer jumped. Still, in his disguise, the small boy was looking at him with a raised eyebrow.




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