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A youtube Comment – an un(intentional) storyline

So as many know, the internet isn’t the best with grammer, spelling and basic punctuation. Still, this gem of a comment was in a folder and I HAD to shine a light on it. I tried my best to clean it up, just the basic to keep the original humor injinuity there. This comment was made around the time Vine was shut down, and twitter is it’s parent company. That’s all you need to know, HAVE FUN!

Vine: sorry I can’t go farther

YouTube : no you can vine:(arm gets pixelated) no sorry


Vine : I’m sorry just go on without me

YouTube and vine:(makes song)

Vine: why could it’s all cause of twitter that evil app

YouTube: why could it have been me but it chose you. so I guess this is gooodbyeee

Vine :it sad for me to go but it’s ok so move on

YouTube: no I need you

vine: I know you need me but I’m sorry, I can’t. I don’t have a choice. twitter chose me because I’m chosen to die

YouTube: how could he do that

Vine :wait he’s right there, run before he gets you

YouTube: huh (evil twitter joins the song)

Twitter :ha I’ll win the most popular app will be me not YouTube and thankfully vine is going bye bye

YouTube :hey ,shut up. Your no match for me, and vine if he was still alive

Vine: go, do it. I know you can

YouTube:(cries )ok

YouTube: good………..bye

Vine:(dies/gets pixelated away)

Vine: goodbye (music stops)

twitter: come at me

YouTube:(punches and kicks twitter)

twitter: falls to the abyss)

YouTube: walks away)

twitter: holds on)

Twitter: this won’t be the last of me

youtube: wait what

twitter:(beats up YouTube)

youtube: about to die

youtube:(kicks twitter)

YouTube: this is for the world 🌎 (punches twitter 15 times)

YouTube: this is for almost killing me (kicks twitter 7000 times) and this………….this……..(tear comes down) this is for

VINE (kills twitter)

ghost vine: I know he can do this and save the world and find Snapchat

YouTube:(walks away)

twitter:(opens eye) to be continued

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