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A Little Time Together – Overthrown

In the center of the garden was a large fountain, marble and polished with a few coins thrown in for good luck. The lip of the fountain was large enough to be seats, with a few flower vases seated for decoration. Lush roses were placed in them.

At the fountain, Giovannii wasn’t alone. Sitting beyond the sprays was a woman in a floral dress, a see-through komodo, and a blue dress. Her red hair curled itself down her back, reflecting golden highlights from the sun. Giovannii froze in his spot, his mouth dropping.

The woman turned and wild green eyes stared at him. He couldn’t turn away, his body shook.


The woman carefully stood, her lips quivering at the name. She silently nodded, taking a careful look over.

“Giovannii?” Her face burst into excitement and she rushed to him. Hugging him tightly she squealed with joy. “G! Oh my, how I’ve missed you.”

Giovannii said nothing, did nothing.

The woman smelled like metal and pine, like Cecilia.

The woman was as tall as Cecilia, who was just as tall as he was.

This woman isn’t Cecilia. She couldn’t be.


The woman smiled at him and nodded, caressing his cheek. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!”

His heart was pounding with excitement while his brain was racing for a solution. Those eyes, those emerald eyes that bore into him screamed his wife. His simple and loving wife. Yet there couldn’t be a way she was down here with him. She had taken over the celestial plane, overthrown him, almost hurt their one son. Their other two sons were under her control.

Her sons. His son.  Lucifer.

Giovannii scanned their surroundings, listening past the birds and the excited woman for the boy. He couldn’t see him.

“G? What’s wrong?”

He quickly turned to her, smiling and matching her giggles. “Nothing dear. I just can’t believe you’re here.”

She embraced him again, laying her head on his shoulder. Her soft hair brushed against his cheek. Despite what his mind thought, he hugged her back. She felt like his wife as well, strong and stable like he had relied on.

After a minute, she pulled him to the fountain and they sat together. In old fashion, splashing was quickly started. Ce ran around the fountain laughing. He caught up to her before she could escape down the path. They spun around and returned to the fountain. Giovannii sat down, Ce didn’t.

“Come, sit. There’s no rush.”

She smiled at him. “I’m so relieved you recognized me. I was starting to panic.”

Giovannii raised an eyebrow.

“I mean this dress. Wow.” She flailed up the see-through komodo.

Giovannii nodded silently.

“And usually my hair is up in a bun so being down, I’m not sure you were going to like it.”

Giovannii’s smile slipped off his face. Cecilia instantly noticed.

“What’s wrong?”

He shook his head and gave her a small smile. “Nothing, I like your hair long.”

His wife, however, had cut her hair short after Lucifer’s birth. After their third son’s birth, she had cut it even shorter. No magic spell would suddenly grow hair back. It didn’t for him or Lucifer.

He looked her over, seeing nothing out of place. Meeting the woman’s smile again, a large, purple shell necklace caught his eye. He carefully tapped it.

“That’s very pretty Ce.”

She beamed. “Shawn gave it to me, said you would like it.”

Giovannii froze with the smile on his face, his mind racing back to Shawn’s true form. A beast of dripping liquid, crossing the world in a puff of air, a creation that had given his ‘wife’ a necklace.

The woman giggled and looked down at her feet. A minute later she looked up at him, leaning in.

“I’m just so glad I found you.” She leaned into him


Ideal Representation of Cece (Also, I like her smiling, she’s more dangerous that way)



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