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Planning – A New Love

I was never really keen on the entire activity and even though it’s embedded in daily life I never really got into the swing of things. I never put in the time or cared about it when I did. When things piled up I would just muddle through it and then do it all over again. In high school, I was one of the MANY that disregarded the plastic thing after the first week, and the longest I’d ever went was for a month. Even when I would see the colorful ones in the store, and allllll the accessories that came with them, I was still not convinced.

I’m still not.

Yet in the adult world, I need some structure. For the first two years of my college years, I used my phone but didn’t really use the calendar well. I never had the incentive. I tried using my journal, where it worked for about two weeks and then I stopped decorating and set it up. The pages turned out really nice so it wasn’t the style, it was just my laziness.


So with that in the air, let me show off my new planner. After watching and subscribing to some planning and designing notebook/planner channels, I finally got a planner. No bulky binder version or too-tiny version. It’s a plain blue planner with nice solid rings. It’s from Blue Sky and it goes from July of this year to June 2019. There is a may and June monthly look before the July page and it’s nice to have.

There are a few birthdays coming up, mine included, along with some D&D events and History quizzes that I need to keep track of. Also, July’s NaNoWriMo is coming up and it was nice to sit down and plan out my short stories and when I was allotting time to them. Here’s the link to that post where I preview them.

Another thing is that if I remember something or something comes up, I can add a posted note to the page and not have to squeeze in anything. This works amazingly well in the monthly outlook where I want to just put a note of Ideas I have but not a sure plan on when I was going to do it. A great example on my posts. I try to keep ahead of them and then schedule them so I’m not responsible for posting them at the right time. Hell, I might not be online for the best time to post them. (10 of course XD)

With all that said, is planning the demon everyone must carry around. Yes. Sadly it’s true that if you just expect a kid to figure out a best-laid plan, we’ll go to hell with it. But that doesn’t have to be the case. I like writing down my stuff in the planner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t also upload them to my phone. Many people do this and as long as you use the planner, and get the things done that are needed to get done, then do what works for you. I use my planner for my personal stuff since it’s linked with the rest of my family’s account and they might not like what I’m scheduling. (My mom has no patience to see what my writing schedule is and has confronted me about it. Sorry, I write better during the late nights or god-awful early mornings. Sorry)


Planning. When worked with your own ability and motivation, it can work. And if your not a color person and would rather do just black and white style, there is no pressure to do it any other way.

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