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Chapter 5 – Highlights

“Mom! G’s sick again!”

The boy laid on his bed curled up and crying. Every time he blinked, darkness surrounded him. Despite having solid people around, he could also see the nightmarish demons in the dark. It made his stomach turn and twist, threatening to come up. Again.

His sister cuddled close to him, wrapping her arms around his head. Their mother quickly appeared beside the bed, watching him.

“Giovannii? What’s going on?”

The boy blinked and curled up tighter, seeing something that wasn’t there.

“I’m going to get the doctor. Carrie, go get the others.”

His sister tried to leave, but the moment she let go of him, he convulsed. He yelped as the creatures came close. He swatted at them. His mother scooped him up instantly and held him close, restraining him from moving.

“Giovannii, please. It’s alright. I promise.”
——-           —————–            —————–         —————-        ———–
“Why are you always sick G?” His sister looked him over with a raised eyebrow

“Leave him alone Carrie, it’s not helping. Giovannii, take deep breaths. The doctors will be here soon.” His mother cooed

“Carr. Carr!” He whispered to her. “Don’t let them come. I don’t want to see the doctors.”

 His sister gave him a panicked look, glancing at their mother who was busy getting the room ready for the doctor.

“It hurts, I don’t them to hurt me again.”

Giovannii promptly stood up and continued walking, hit the side of his head every so often. The memory would fade but Carrie wouldn’t. Same old sister.

Memories, aren’t they wonderful. X)

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