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Mal’s height

I’m rewatching the movie “Disney Descendants” to rewrite the story and something car up. Mal’s is super small. In the opening scene and she’s standing with Evie, she’s tiny. She actually might be the smallest descendants with Uma being almost the same size in the second movie.

Does anyone else find this odd? No, just me?

Maleficent, the worst of the baddies, has a small daughter that apparently runs the juveniles of the place. If Mal can do it then why didn’t Uma have complete and all control of the island? Especially when Mal left and no one apparently was ballsy to take over her spot.

If you don’t believe me, check this out. Mal standing right next to Evie, a girl that is supposedly a beta to the alpha.

Mal and e

Okay, this didn’t help. Just comparing the two in the picture above, poor mal looks tiny overall. Adorable but also much less threatening, wow descendants.

Who do you think is a bit far from their designated design? I’m a big Disney villain fan so watching this movie series and making critiques is like a good hobby to me.


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