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First day at HLGcon (10/11/18)

So what did I do on the first unofficial day of con?

Set up a bunch of table and listen to black out drunk stories until 11. The next time anyone comes to me with the notion that people who like D&D don’t have fantastical social lives, I will promptly guide them to my gaming company. It wasn’t like they were out of hand or anything, it was just a lot more mature than I could contribute.

It didn’t help that my friend, who is the opposite gender of me, kept shoving up the point that I wouldn’t date them. That being single is something I caused.


Besides that the hotel is very nice. Sadly we didn’t get the bedroom but still the room is huge. What helps I’d that my peeps are all set to cook what they need instead of going out. It saves money in this place. I got some Mac and cheese cups from Walmart before I left along with some fun size chocolate bars.

The con should be excellent and I’m really looking forward to it. With everything else in my life falling to the wayside, it’s nice to have a weekend and forget.


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