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Overthrown- Excerpt

She walked past him towards the party. At the entrance, she paused and went to her neck.

“Oh my god! Where’s my necklace!?” She quickly spun around and hurried back to the fountain.

Giovannii watched her carefully. When she dipped her hands against the marble and splashed forward into the water, Giovannii broke the shell in his hand. The pieces plunged into his hands and he hissed as blood was smelled.

“Gio?” Louise picked herself out of the fountain. “Everything okay?”

He took a deep breath. “Yeah, . . . you?”

She shook her head. “No. I can’t find my necklace. Shawn gave it to me to wear today and I don’t have the money to repay him for it.”

“Where did you enter?”

She looked to the South end of the garden, un-explored by him yet. “The side entrance. I didn’t want any of the guys following me at the end of this.”

Giovannii nodded solemnly. “Maybe it fell off there. Do you want me to help you?”

Louise giggled. “Sure, if you don’t mind ditching a good time.”

He laughed with her and together they walked the rest of the gardens to the side parking lot. There were a few cars there, all which Louise explained were the other ladies’. When she was on the opposite side of the car Giovannii opened the hand with the necklace and allowed it to drop. His hand was red with most of the plunges being healed already. He tapped it with his foot and the noise brought Louise over.

“Did you find it?” She gasped in horror at the sight. “How did this happen? I was so careful!”

Giovannii bent down and tapped an edge. “Looked like a piece of crap, to be honest. Cheap shell with a string to tie in the back.” He glanced up at her. “If he said this was anything other than what I’ve just described it as, he’s lying.”

He stood up and instantly she was against his chest. He pat her back but didn’t embrace her. He could feel the tears she was crying and looked up at the clear sky.

Why her? She’s so innocent.

“What am I going to do? Shawn will want his money back.”

Giovannii sternly looked at her. “Said I broke it and send him to me.”

Louise coughed and choked on her tears. “That’s not fair, and I don’t want to start a fight.”

Giovannii picked up the necklace, looked at it and stuffed it into his pocket. He guided Louise around to the main gate, a smile refusing to resurface. “He already has.”


He don’t play around. XP


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