First OFFICIAL Day of Con (10/12)

So 10/12 was the Official first day of the con and to keep myself blunt – no one came. It was deserted for most of the day, which turned out to be okay. Dan- who was our face piece- needed a nap after worrying about if people were coming or not. I took the time to meet the few other venders there and the LARPing people there. For those who are on the boat I was and don’t know what that is, let me explain.

LARPing: playing a scenario with your body. Unlike Dungeons & Dragons which is a tabletop game, this requires you to physically play the person.

During this time, I chilled with my peeps at the D&D playing a little bit of Unstable Unicorns. If that name is unfamiliar to you, you need to go buy it. Here.

One fun thing that happened was that the person that was running it mostly, Josh, had brought his daughter and she played one of our games. He streamed it when we weren’t looking -which was the entire time playing- and it was really sweet.  🙂


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