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He was trippen’ – Overthrown Excerpt

Abaddon’s response was another growl.

Giovannii center himself on the chair while placing his hands calmly on the table. “Was that your sister I felt back a few blocks ago. The slow shadow that seemed to be unable to grasp me in the panic of the shooting?”

Abaddon shot up, knocking the chair down. “Don’t you dare talk about her like that you worm! Not so high and mighty on the ground if you haven’t noticed.”

Giovannii shrugged. He leaned close to the seething man, the smile faded with his eyes targeting the tall figure. “This plane, your plane, a freakin plane in the sky, I don’t need to be that high and mighty to beat you down. Do I?”

He stood up. Abaddon quivered as he came close, his voice low and daunting with no hesitation or un-sureness.

“That twerp, you will never touch. Not here, not in hell, and nowhere in between. If I have to demonstrate why you’re his servants, I will.” He leaned over the man’s shoulder, having to be on his tiptoes. “Your war was lost. Your army is gone. Stop before you end up alone.” He leaned back from the man, their eyes locked.

“Or do you want to end up like Edo? Alone, tortured like a dog, day in and day out by a – what did you call him- a twerp?”

Giovannii sat back down, trying to ignore the numbness washing over him. “How far will the mighty trio fall?”

The man tossed his head to the side, then at Giovannii. There wasn’t enough air for the man in the room, the table shaking every time he moved to and fro from Giovannii.

“We’ll see.” He threw papers at Giovannii before huffing downstairs.


Giovannii don’t play around, covers a lot of ground, gain fame by the pound.

He is soooooo done with this angel. XD


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