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October Chat–All about NaNoWriMo

This was great, it made me smile. X)

Mary Lamphere

On this, the last Monday of October, I’m pleased to be Chatting with writers Bob Francis and Karen Kerr about National Novel Writing Month, which kicks off Thursday, November 1st. I met Bob many years ago through In Print. He and I have worked together in a variety of writing ways including The Prompt Club, Word of Art, In Print Radio, and NaNoWriMo. I met Karen a few years ago through NaNo, one of the many perks of participating. I could write my own post about NaNo, and I have! but I thought it would be nice to get input from a couple of pros.

Bob Francis is a writer.  He lives in northern Illinois.

(Man, it’s hard to follow a bio like that.) Karen Kerris an aspiring fantasy writer working on the 5th book in a series that she aims to publish in the future. She…

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