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The First Of the Month (That’s a thing!)

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The first of the month, what does it hold? For me, the answer is a disappointing Halloween. My younger sibling went out with a group of friends this year and barely got any candy in the usual development. It was sad so I went to ShopRite and got more candy. While the public had to wait for twelve to ring to get half off candy, I didn’t. I work there. This was the least they could do. After mixing the candy well, it was time to sit, eat and for my sibling and dad, watch American Horror Story.

I watched the movie Beautiful Creatures on Netflix till midnight. Simply put, it felt like an accurate gender bent of twilight with the exceptions being “Castors” (witches) rather than vampires. The romance was good and it hit me hard when they talked about sacrifice past the midpoint. It’s a two hour movie, heads up. But since most people can stand a Harry Potter movie, it’s worth it’s run time. Best part: It’s on Netflix.


Here’s the real reason for this so on time post:

I can’t stand that Halloween, autumn and the whole season will be washed away with the tsunami we call Christmas. This season seemed like it wasn’t even celebrated this time around and that makes me really sad. Halloween is the best time of year, next to Easter of course, and to see it pushed aside like it ain’t shit is really sad.

So I was thinking, maybe I’ll push back Christmas till next month. Where it actually falls in. Sorry to all those who love those Christmas songs, my sibling included. I will be finding articles online and posts here on WordPress that have nothing to do with Christmas and all to do with: autumn, Halloween, and the sweet crisp sounds leaves make when you step on them in the brisk early morning.  Screw the holidays, Imma let Christmas this year stay in December.Image result for no christmas gif

Also I;m doing Nanowrimo, but thinking on it I’ll add that to the re-blogging list. How to survive November when everyone won’t stop talking about that hell. (As I re-blog a million posts with that tag.  :D)


Happy Autumn, no need to sell it short just yet. 


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