Welcome! Welcome! Or Hi again!

Not sure how many people had seen my break post but to quick restate, the blog Stow-away Book is under remodeling until the new year or mid-December. 

All post have been removed, tags scrapped and categories re-arranged. The main reason I re-did my blog was that it was so unorganized and not what I originally planned. It was made to hold all my stories and the title was a play on words, A book ‘stowed away’ to read and enjoy whenever I wanted. It was also suppose to encourage constant writing, almost like Nanowrimo but for everyday. Even if it’s not posted everyday, it was suppose to help. It didn’t and I’m changing that. 

It is not how you start the race or where you are during the race, it is how you cross the finish line that will matter

Robert D. Hales

I think I found my New Year’s Resolution.  Oh my god. This is huge. 

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