Interview with The Unknown Characters


Hey everyone!

Today, I’ll be doing something never before done on my blog- an interview with my characters!

So my latest novel’s title is The Unknown because I really had no other ideas.

Anyway. Introducing my characters!

Meet Ethan Cox, my MC. He is an orphan, and he trains at a special academy that sends out special people like him for missions. Top secret stuff.


Nest, we have Ivy Hill. She’s one half of a pair of twins. She has a very positive girl that tries to do the best for everyone. Her hair should be curly and longer, but I couldn’t find any picture for that.


Lastly, meet Greyson Young. He’s a man of few words, but has a caring heart. He goes to a top secret academy that trains only the very best. Nope, not the same as Ethan’s. I can’t say anymore for fear of…

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