It’s time for a new veil

Memoir of a Counselor

I hate resolutions.

I made the conscious decision this year to try and become a better version of myself through self-reflection, and ultimately deciding on a therapist and charging forward with an idea to seek out all the possibilities I can.

Resolutions would never have aided me in my journey.

Making a promise is likened to a time in your life when things were simple and easy. Our childhood was riddled with pinky promises and juice boxes. Attaching a promise to a friendship was just second nature.

Now, we need to be a better friend to ourselves.

Instead of resolutions, make promises.

It’s an easier set of steps to start at the bottom if your actions are meant to be better for you. You can lift your foot to take the next step when you know that the promise being kept is a way for you to feel better. By…

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