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I'm looking to entertain people, to give them a bit of mystery in the midst of reality. It will be hard, not seeing a creator is hard. I'll do my best so you won't need to see me, just the next surprise.

Overthrown – Thoughts (Part 1)

So, last time I talked about Overthrown, it was merely a highlight of Chapter 1. I’m up to chapter five and could continue but I find that just because I show highlights doesn’t mean much if nothing else is talked about. Here I want to talk about the characters […]

Highlights from Draft- Chpt 1

I thought about putting my chapters for my writing camp here but they seem to be longer than what most people will read here. So instead I’ll be taking a section or two from the chapter I’ve written and highlight it. Enjoy “Oh, poor Lulu!” She pinched the […]

Writing Tips

Originally posted on Lonely Blue Boy:
Start with the small goal of writing one sentence a day, and you’ll write a thousand. Simplicity is the best form of writing, and the only way to be a writer is to sit down and begin with that first word. Said…