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I’m still breathing

But I don’t want to be. I just don’t want to exsist. Things continue with or without us and that is the scariest part. We continue because we have no other way. Goodbyes aren’t as quiet and hellos are just as hard.

I got the RPG Bug

Along with Dungeons and Dragons that my friend dragged me to and now have me hooked on, I have found another love. This: This is a more mature, and more modern, RPG that I found at the vault I play at. It took a while to understand it […]

Mal’s height

I’m rewatching the movie “Disney Descendants” to rewrite the story and something car up. Mal’s is super small. In the opening scene and she’s standing with Evie, she’s tiny. She actually might be the smallest descendants with Uma being almost the same size in the second movie. Does […]