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This bitch – why?????

So I have this character that everyone likes in Overthrown, and I do as well. But she came out of no where, was leading to no where until she became the mother-in-law to Giovannii who was suppose to be trapped in an angelic faerie circle off the coast […]

Overthrown- Excerpt

She walked past him towards the party. At the entrance, she paused and went to her neck. “Oh my god! Where’s my necklace!?” She quickly spun around and hurried back to the fountain. Giovannii watched her carefully. When she dipped her hands against the marble and splashed forward […]

The moon

If you see the moon at a concert, it’s no coincidence. It can’t help but be enchanted by what it hears. It is the sole reason that throughout all the heavenly reigns, song and music has never been threatened. Sure they have on other planes such as this […]