Category: Miscellaneous Stories

These stories are either too short to withstand a normal posting period or are too under developed. I still like the stories still, though many won’t be posted on the front page for long.


  This is a Miscellaneous Story. There is a possiblity that this story won’t be completed or continued in a consistant way. If this is your kind of story, a comment would tell me. Let’s start a conversation. The chamber was massive, the skylight above leaking blinding sunlight in. It […]

The NORMAL Neighbors

‘It would be fun’, she said. ‘It would be a learning experience’, she said. If by learning my mom meant realizing that your new neighbors across the street smile way too much to actually be happy half the time, then I’m in class right now. Start teachin’ mom. […]

We Are Marvel – A poem By Bloom

We Are Marvel: Marvel isn’t the definition of make believe. Nor do the characters purposely make your grieve. Each character holds potential, And the overall Marvel has it’s prudential. Each character has their traits, And they all have their fates.   Beginning: Be like Hulk and know how […]