Lost Grez

No one truly understood how the Gia worked. Together with her husband, they built a metropolis of great divinity. Local and Foreign businesses boomed. The environment was kept pristine above investor’s agendas. Life for the residents was nothing short of heavenly,

Until their power couple abruptly passed.

Many were scared that their city would surely be swallowed by rivaling companies, each with their own agendas. To everyone’s surprise, pleasant and unfortunate, the Gia monopoly of a company wasn’t bought out- it couldn’t be. Rising into the public spotlight were three heirs to the company, all named publically in the will reading.

Poseidon : (No information available)

Hades. (No information available)

Zeus. (No information available)



These three brothers, who haven’t existed since their parent’s death,

now carry their parent’s legacy,


and debts left behind,

all the while finishing their education.