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I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for a few days straight. Here you go! Also, I’m playing with what wordpress can do.


My body was a sneaky one, and I SO don’t approve

I work nights.

I love working nights.

My body does not.

Even after several weeks on this new schedule, my body is still putting up a fight with me. Am I hungry? Tired? Feeling healthy? I couldn’t tell you correctly because while my stomache might be grumbling, but everything I see is bland and unappealing. Sometimes when I go for my scheduled nap before work, my body will feign a high and suddenly I will feel like I won’t need one. Trust me, I will need it.

Recently people have asked if I had lost weight, in a flattering/impressed way, and when I said no, they note that I seem thinner. What?

But the highlight of it all was the other day when I slept for ten hours straight.

Ten hours.

Body.. why you do this?

My family just put it to, if your body needs it then it needs the sleep. I, on the other hand, feel very panicked when I wake up after 3. For some reason my body has this unorganized thought of, “OH MY GOSH DID WE JUST DIE?!”

No joke, and to the less extreme I will feel very uncomfortable and disorganized for the rest of the day. Not saying it wasn’t a good sleep. I just don’t like being alive like that.

You Might be a Writer if…

I love this list, it makes me soooo happy!

Mary Lamphere

I was on a writing retreat for four days with three other writers.
After a while, I began to notice some communal traits.
Following the model of redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy, I thought I’d share my observations.

You might be a writer if…

You might be a writer if…multi-tasking includes eating, drinking, typing, talking, bopping to music in your headphones, reading, taking notes, and theorizing plot points.

You might be a writer if…you lose track of your chapters when you’re writing and put “Next Chapter” at each break.

You might be a writer if…you have fading letters on your keyboard and are thankful for finger memory or else you couldn’t spell. See ‘E’ key.

You might be a writer if…you laugh out loud at your own work.
You might be a writer if…your own words bring a tear to your eye.

You might be a…

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buddha’s bodh gaya: the sacred hidden treasures of mahabodhi temple complex


rama arya's blog

“Is there some festival or special event taking place here today?” I whisper to the Buddhist monk seated next to me.

I am confused, and overwhelmed.

The entire Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Bodh Gaya, in the Indian State of Bihar, is draped with marigolds, lotuses, and roses. Hundreds of ochre and red-robed shaven-headed Buddhist monks and nuns prostrate in prayer in the grounds, and around the main temple. A handful of tourists quietly join the circumambulations around the main temple. I see pilgrims from Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Tibet, and Sri Lanka in deep prayer. Most are dressed in their traditional attires. I see a few pilgrims from the West as well, no less in the purity of their faith. Groups chant with micro precision around me, not one voice out of sync, their mantras punctuated with the crescendo beats of rattle drums.

“No. Nothing special. It…

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Make Time for Writing

Live to Write - Write to Live

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

As writers, we all struggle with finding enough time to write. There are a number of ways we can “make time” to write. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Redefine Writing Time

I used to think I needed a whole day to get some good writing done, but over the years, my time window has shrunk. For example, I started the first draft of this post while waiting for my son in the car pool line at school. I had 10 minutes and I used them!

  1. Make Routines for Everything You Can

I’m the cook in my family and, last fall, I started creating weekly meal plans, usually on Sunday. It takes me half an hour to plan my meals for the week, and it turns out to be a huge time-saver. The hard part about cooking, for me, is figuring out what we’re…

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