Blogger Boi: Boy Unposted

This is one of my short term stories that will be featured on this site. The story’s main protagonist is Caden, but most of the perspectives will be from Em, his sister, along with Jack his stepbrother, a popular guy named Eric, and two others that really gives […]

Birds Of Prey

BOP He never asked to have it. He was no more of a victim then his dead mother. Unlike her though, he was chosen by the hell bird and it clawed him as it’s own. Left with no one and buried for fifteen years, the dead man walks […]

February 4,2018

Not the day I’m going to work. At all. Sorry, I’m calling out being that the food industry will be hanging itself and it’s employees then. You freaks have your soccer match and I’ll enjoy a big glass of ‘howaboutno’ ,1998