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Unruly and Unrested, the second son of the Gias Family is never in one place for long. Investigating new trends, playing on the beach, and driving his favorite vehicles, being sent to their boarding school was the hardest on this brother. The second son of the Gias siblings he is […]

Upgrading Grez

So, I rolled out a story called Grez. Made a page for it, did a character or two, posted one already. Well between all of it I was working on the first episode/post/chapter when I found a major problem. I’m relying on the reader to already know the […]

Hades – The Mopey Son

The eldest of the trio, he has become withdrawn from his family only confiding with Poseidon when he needs to. Friends are concluded to be Charon and Thanatos with Ares accompanying them from time to time. One rule that’s known is that they can’t be edgy, some noting it […]

The NORMAL Neighbors

‘It would be fun’, she said. ‘It would be a learning experience’, she said. If by learning my mom meant realizing that your new neighbors across the street smile way too much to actually be happy half the time, then I’m in class right now. Start teachin’ mom. […]

Prologue ; Grez

Most days no one could be bothered with each other. It was too easy to ignore each other. We played around with each other but most of the time we were independent of each other. That wasn’t by accident. Our parents never liked us hanging. We were more […]