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Unruly and Unrested, the second son of the Gias Family is never in one place for long. Investigating new trends, playing on the beach, and driving his favorite vehicles, being sent to their boarding school was the hardest on this brother. The second son of the Gias siblings he is […]

Hades – The Mopey Son

The eldest of the trio, he has become withdrawn from his family only confiding with Poseidon when he needs to. Friends are concluded to be Charon and Thanatos with Ares accompanying them from time to time. One rule that’s known is that they can’t be edgy, some noting it […]

Overthrown – #Just write

God is mighty. God is good. God is living in a rundown apartment with his second born, Lucifer, trying to keep alive against his wife who has taken over Heaven and Hell alike. A man that can bend the earth to his will, talk to the dead the […]